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Looking for protection from electrostatic discharge (ESD) ?
Posted by Administrator on 8/26/2013 to Protek Devices
ESCS known as the " Power Protection People" is franchised for ProTek Devices that offers a product line of transient voltage suppressors (TVS), avalanche breakdown diodes, steering diode TVS arrays and other surge suppressor components. These TVS devices protect electronic systems from the effects of lightning, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (NEMP), inductive switching and EMI/RFI transient threats.
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions distributes ProTek Devices that has introduced an LED Driver for Automotive, Security & Other LED Applications.
Posted by Administrator on 2/25/2013 to Protek Devices
The PA5711 Boasts High Efficiency with Multiple Dimming Options to Drive 1 to 100's of LEDs
ESCS distibutes ProTek Devices' New TVS Components Protect Power, AC/DC and Telecom Devices
Posted by Administrator on 1/30/2013 to Protek Devices
ProTek Devices Has Made Available New 400, 600 and 1,500 Watt TVS Diodes for Voltage Surge Circuit Protection in Power Supplies, AC/DC Devices and Telecommunications Applications
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions Distributes ProTek Devices
Posted by Administrator on 1/28/2013 to Protek Devices
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions announces availability of ProTek Devices - TVS Diode Modules for Auto, Wireless, Ethernet and Industrial Systems
New Product Info for Micro Precision Switches Can Be Found Here!
Posted by Administrator on 1/28/2013

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions Inc is a AS9120 certified franchised distributor of a line of Micro Switches manufactured by MicroPrecision Wilbrecht LEDCO.

ENS Microwave Custom Cables
Posted by Administrator on 1/25/2013 to Luxul Technology
Wow ENS Custom Cables are great
ProTek Analog manufactures high performance interface and linear products
Posted by Administrator on 1/22/2013
Check out ProTek Analog Products from ESCS
Viking Tech America manufactures state-of-the-art Thin-Film/Thick-Film technologies and RF design
Posted by Administrator on 1/20/2013 to Viking Tech America
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions is franchised distributor of Viking Tech.
Wilbrecht LEDCO, is a well established leader in the manufacture of LED Indicator Light Assemblies
Posted by Administrator on 1/19/2013
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions to distribute MICROPRECISION's entire product line including Wilbrecht LEDCO
IC Legacy Parts
Posted by Administrator on 1/12/2013 to IC Legacy Parts
IC LEGACY Parts is an on-hand inventory of new parts that are no longer the focus at Electronic Supply Chain Solutions -A Franchised Distributor.
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions is franchised for 3M Electrical Products
Posted by Administrator on 1/5/2013 to LEDPlugandPlay Tubes
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions website contains over 10,000 products identified.
ESCS distributes NexTek Lightning
Posted by Administrator on 11/5/2012 to NextTek Lightning
The K1 device is specially designed for High RF Power installations up to 30kW+ The T1 device provides Long Lifetime by offering protection up to 100,000+ Amps November 2012 - NexTek announced the High RF Power K1-Series designed for protecting high power RF transmission lines of up to 50,000 Watts and the High Transient T1-Series which has a transient rating to 100,000 Amps+. This new series of SurgeGuard™ lightning arrestors addresses the stringent demands of mission critical RF applications including the HF, VHF, and UHF frequency ranges from 0(dc) to 1000MHz.
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions distributes Wilbrecht LEDCO
Posted by Administrator on 10/8/2012
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions distributes Wilbrecht LEDCO which signed a new agreement with Vishay Precision Group (VPG) to extend its Precision Center relationship and to expand its product offering. WLI has been a manufacturer of precision metal foil resistors based on VPG's Bulk Metal® Foil technology
Lightning Strikes More Than Just Trees!
Posted by Administrator on 7/10/2012 to NextTek Lightning
It may come as a shock to learn that lightning strikes cause between $4-5 billion dollars in damages every year [1]. Researchers estimate that 22 million lightning flashes strike ground in the US each year, any of which could cost you hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars in damages

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