USB0403 TVS Array-Protek Devices
USB0403 TVS Array-Protek Devices

USB0403C-LF TVS Array

Price: $1.39
350 Watt Low Capacitance TVS Array
Part Number: USB0403-LF
Availability 500 pcs in stock on cut tape
Paperwork Available: ProTek Certificate of Compliance Included
RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant & REACH Compliant
Date Code 1302
The USB04xx and USBxxC Series of devices are low capacitance TVS arrays available in a SOT-143 package. These devices are designed to protect Ethernet data I/0 ports against the damaging effects of ESD and EFT transient threats. The USB04xx series are unidirectional devices used for common mode protection from line to ground. These series are bidirectional devices typically used for differential mode on balanced lines.