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Looking for the latest Smart LED Technology Info

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions introduces LÍSA 

Limbo verses  LÍSA          How to get under the bar of Return on Investment with LED

The cost for a Title 24 Solution using LOSA is 3X less expensive than Wifi/PoE/Bluetooth/0-10v wired approaches. 

In order to improve ROI, the cost of the lighting control system has to be under 1/2 of light fixture cost. 

Cello Lighting control system is called LÍSA (Light-sensing, Occupancy-sensing, Smart-meter, Auto-demand-response)  LÍSA uses the existing power lines as the communication media to control lighting.  Consequently, it removes the cost of wiring, the cost of Ethernet cabling and the cost of wire/wireless transceivers. LÍSA 's only material cost of is a PLC master device shared by up to 20 light fixtures, a PLC sensor which includes an occupancy sensor, daylight sensor and a PLC modem attached with each light fixture. 

The only labor cost is to install a PLC master shared by a group of up to 20 light fixtures.  

This innovation from Cello Lighting eliminates the need for extra wire or wireless communication material/wiring or IP configuration labor.   

LÍSA is able to reduce the control overhead on top of fixture cost. 

The ROI becomes even shorter than the original plain LED light fixture of 3.7 years! 

You can sit in Limbo or Contact Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, Cello Lighting's Distributor for more on how to improve your ROI and save big.

Smart LED Technology Info 


Match - Metered smArt swiTCH

Whole Building Lighting Control and Automation

MATCH 2.0 Technology, Wireless Switch Based Control System, lets facility managers take convenient lighting control in multiple offices and buildings.
MATCH 2.0 is an expansion of the current MATCH (Metered Smart Switch) line of IoT lighting control systems and offers building administrators, owners, and managers an entry point into the world of IoT control & efficiency. Take control of the lights from offsite locations, too!

Be more energy efficient!
  • Use convenient on/off light timer scheduling, dimming controls, smart occupancy sensors, and daylight harvesting features.
  • Get diagnostic and potential damage reports to prevent unneccessary expenses.
  • All of this can be done remotely with a WiFi enabled device, smartphone or tablet.
  • Match provides 80% more savings than the competition!

With a simple management interface to full Title 24 compliance, Match 2.0 provides users comprehensive control and monitoring abilities that meet modern energy efficiency building standards.

Order and easily install our Match 2.0, ESCO LED replacement tubes, and other SmartLEDtechnology.info today!

ESCS distributes the world's first LED tube lights fully compatible with existing fluorescent lamps using electronic ballasts.
We warranty the existing ballast we didn't sell to you for 5 years.

See a live demo of how it works!

Learn more about Luxul MATCH 2.0 Smart LED Technology Info below!

Mobile on/off switch

Match allows the user to turn lights on and of at home or the office from anywhere that the user's mobile device has access to the internet.

Luxul Match Mobile On/Off Switch

Light Switch Scheduling

Match's switch scheduling allows the user to set times to turn on/off light fixtures via the app on a mobile device, ensuring security while providing convenience.

Luxul Match Set Light Schedule

Smart Meter Capabilities

Accurate data reporting help you better control consumption for lower energy bill costs. 

Get a complete history of your energy use right from your smartphone or tablet.

Luxul Match Smart Energy Reports

Dimming Level Capabilities

Choose a level of lighting to decrease the intensity and or automatically turn lights on or off depending on room occupancy.

Dimming Control Capabilities from your device

Wi-Fi boosts with Match switch devices

Extend your WiFi network using extra access points provided by Match devices.

Luxul Technology MATCH Wi-Fi access points

Easy to Install

 MATCH Smart LED Technology switches are easily installed. Follow the step by step illustration guide below.

MATCH switch step by step illustration of installation and usage

                                               Looking for future energy savings that offer virtually zero maintenance with absolute savings? 

ESCS offers smart LED technology info and products. Proudly providing electronic supply chain solutions globally since 2005.


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