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Microprecision Electronics Subminiture Microswitches

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions distributes Subminiature Microswitches manufactured  by Microprecision Electronics.

Microprecision Electronics SA is a company of Swiss origin. Founded in 1956 on Lake Geneva in the heart of Europe, the company started as a supplier of the Swiss watch industry. Its competencies in manufacturing precision parts led to the development of  sealed microswitches. 

Microprecision products are sold all around the world.

The benefit of Microprecision Electronics micro-switches is that they can be supplied with custom cable solutions to adapt to your specific application providing additional flexibility. These RoHS compliant microswitches are built for a long mechanical life, demonstrate small differential travel, and are available from ESCS in a large range of both standard and custom actuators.

ESCS representatives will work with the Microprecision team on your behalf to oversee your order from prototype build to the production demand. 

If you have concerns about dust or moisture, ESCS can recommend the correct products that are IP67 or IP68 protected. 

Microprecision microswitch families include MP500, MP400, MP300, MP200, MP110, MP90, MP40.

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The MP500 series subminiature micro switch sets itself apart from other products on the market in terms of its mechanical service life, choice of materials, and standardized small dimensions. ESCS offers the MP500 to those requiring a switch that resists temperatures up to 105 C or 221F. We also offer the MP550 model which is great for appliances and rated at IP40 for those who do not require a high degree of protection. The entire MP500 family is now certified under UL and ENEC for up to 5A/250 VAC. which replaces the UL 1054 certification. The MP500 series meets the new harmonized standard UL 61058-1 for appliance switches. For low-current switching applications in humid environments, ESCS recommends the gold contacts that are available to protect against contact oxidation. The switch is available in a cable version as well, and can also be ordered with PCB or solder pins. In its standard configuration, the switch uses a PVC cable. Upon request, other cables or wires may be used as custom solutions. Contact your ESCS representative for MP500 details.

The MP400 users want it their way! Looking for customization, in terms of housing, connections or actuators? The MP400 series enables you to build your micro switch for your own requirements. This standardized small dimension subminiature micro switch is an engineer's dream. Contact ESCS for details.

TheMP300 Series features unparalleled flexibility in terms of levers and standard telescopic plungers. Hostile industrial environments may require micro switches with International Protection Rating IP67or IP68 with a service range up to 170C and stainless steel levers. The Microprecision engineers offer an option to manufacture customized actuators, so the applications are virtually limitless. Take a look NASA! The MP200 is just right for those looking for a versatile sealed basic snap action micro switch with a high breaking capacity. The MP200 is completely sealed which meets IP67/IP68 and the switching mechanism is totally protected by its housing. The MP200 utilizes snap action changeovers for simple or double switching action. It's over molded cable is an enhancement over conventional interconnects. Electrical circuits to 3, 4 or 5 wires series can be achieved by the 5 terminals supplied for a multitude of connections making the MP200 extremely versatile.

TheMP110 series offers many of the same attributes found in the versatile MP200. The protruding connection terminals, however, require the use of one of the following (three) accessory systems: (A) Push-on clips 6.35 x 0.80 mm (AMP) (B) Plug-in system of connection MP100- (meets IP67) (C) Protective terminal covers MP110-Z. (IP64)

The MP90 is a sealed basic snap action precision micro-switch for high breaking capacity, MP90 boasts IP67 protection with screw lugs using the wide range of interchangeable actuators. This switch type is perfectly sealed and the switching mechanism is completely protected by the housing utilizing ultrasonic welding!

The MP40 is our basic snap action micro switch. The MP40 is, however, a precision micro-switch for high breaking capacity, The MP40 features a screw lug or solder terminals and presents a wide range of interchangeable actuators. The entire MP40 series offers International Protection Rating ofIP40 protection, which ensures personal protection from entry by solid objects with a diameter or thickness greater than 1.0mm is provided however no special protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against the harmful entry of various forms of moisture such as dripping, spraying, and submersion. 

Look for the IP rating of all our switches as higher cost products do offer you additional protection!

If you are buying somewhere else, SWITCH to Microprecision distributed by Electronic Supply Chain Solutions!



Microprecision MP40 Series
Microprecision MP90 Series
Microprecision MP110 Series
Microprecision MP200 Series
Microprecision MP300 Series
Microprecision MP400 Series
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