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Luxul U-Lux

Luxul U-Lux Series LEDplugNplay Tubes

Luxul U Lux PlugNPlay Lightbulbs

The world's first energy efficient LED-powered U-bend lamp lighting

Luxul's U-bend is a linear LED U-shaped tube used to accommodate limited spaces as a green lighting solution to reduce environmental impact and improve sustainability.

Get high output from a compact fixture, T8 U-bends are available with a 6 inch, 3 inch or 1-inch spacer.
Color temperatures range from 3000k to 6500K. Each U-Lux lamp is made to high-quality standards for a long ballast life.
Luxul Technology's U-Lux PlugNPlay provides efficient energy-saving lighting solutions to a wide variety of industrial and commercial environments.

ESCS distributes LED PlugNPlay tube lights that are fully compatible with existing fluorescent lamps using electronic or magnetic ballasts.

Place wholesale orders for parking garages, department stores, warehouses & more.

Luxul U-Lux offers:
  • Up to 50,000 hours service life with 5-year warranties on existing light ballasts that we didn't sell.
  • 50% reduction in energy consumption over traditional fluorescent tubes!
  • Choice of G13, FA8 or R17d base.
  • No warm up time: Instant start with full output.
  • No flickering or stroboscopic effect, stable lamp-to-lamp color.
  • Vibration and impact resistant.
  • No UV emissions, and free from hazardous material.

Providing trusted electronic supply chain solutions globally since 2005.

U-Lux Lighting List

U8N1F30GU-Lux T81.625"Frosted3000G13151350U-Lux T8-1.625", Frosted Lens, 3000k, 15w, 1350 Lm with G13 base (bi-pin)
U8N1F35GU-Lux T81.625"Frosted3500G13151350U-Lux T8-1.625", Frosted Lens, 3500k, 15w, 1350 Lm with G13 base (bi-pin)
U8N1F40GU-Lux T81.625"Frosted4000G13151350U-Lux T8-1.625", Frosted Lens, 4000k, 15w, 1350 Lm with G13 base (bi-pin)
U8N1F50GU-Lux T81.625"Frosted5000G13151350U-Lux T8-1.625", Frosted Lens, 5000k, 15w, 1350 Lm with G13 base (bi-pin)
U8N1F57GU-Lux T81.625"Frosted5700G13151350U-Lux T8-1.625", Frosted Lens, 5700k, 15w, 1350 Lm with G13 base (bi-pin)
U8N1F65GU-Lux T81.625"Frosted6500G13151350U-Lux T8-1.625", Frosted Lens, 6500k, 15w, 1350 Lm with G13 base (bi-pin)
U8N3F30GU-Lux T83.628"Frosted3000G13151560U-Lux T8-3.628", Frosted Lens, 3000k, 15w, 1560 Lm with G13 base (bi-pin)
U8N3F30GU-Lux T83.628"Frosted3500G13151560U-Lux T8-3.628", Frosted Lens, 3500k, 15w, 1560 Lm with G13 base (bi-pin)
U8N3F30GU-Lux T83.628"Frosted4000G13151560U-Lux T8-3.628", Frosted Lens, 4000k, 15w, 1560 Lm with G13 base (bi-pin)
U8N3F30GU-Lux T83.628"Frosted5000G13151560U-Lux T8-3.628", Frosted Lens, 5000k, 15w, 1560 Lm with G13 base (bi-pin)
U8N3F30GU-Lux T83.628"Frosted5700G13151560U-Lux T8-3.628", Frosted Lens, 5700k, 15w, 1560 Lm with G13 base (bi-pin)
U8N3F30GU-Lux T83.628"Frosted6500G13151560U-Lux T8-3.628", Frosted Lens, 6000k, 15w, 1560 Lm with G13 base (bi-pin)
U8N6F30GU-Lux T86"Frosted3000G5151605U-Lux T8-6", Frosted Lens, 3000k, 15w, 1605 Lm with G13 base (bi-pin)
U8N6F35GU-Lux T86"Frosted3500G5151605U-Lux T8-6", Frosted Lens, 3500k, 15w, 1605 Lm with G13 base (bi-pin)
U8N6F40GU-Lux T86"Frosted4000G5151605U-Lux T8-6", Frosted Lens, 4000k, 15w, 1605 Lm with G13 base (bi-pin)
U8N6F50GU-Lux T86"Frosted5000G5151605U-Lux T8-6", Frosted Lens, 5000k, 15w, 1605 Lm with G13 base (bi-pin)
U8N6F57GU-Lux T86"Frosted5700G5151605U-Lux T8-6", Frosted Lens, 5700k, 15w, 1605 Lm with G13 base (bi-pin)
U8N6F65GU-Lux T86"Frosted6500G5151605U-Lux T8-6", Frosted Lens, 6500k, 15w, 1605 Lm with G13 base (bi-pin)

Ask an ECSC advisor if you can't locate your part on this list.