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Luxul P-Lux

Luxul P-Lux Series LED Tube Light Bulbs

Luxul P-Lux LED Lightbulbs

The world's first LED-powered 2G11 Energy Saving Lamp

Luxul latest innovation offers a new environmentally friendly lighting solution for luminaries with limited space.
They designed the world's first LED-powered 2G11 lamp to provide efficient energy-saving lighting solutions to a wide variety of industrial, commercial and residential environments while offering high output from a compact fixture, 
P-Lux LED tube lights are fully compatible with existing fluorescent light fixtures using electronic or magnetic ballasts.

The 2G11 LED lamps are high-quality and long life.
Like other Luxul's LED lamps, this uniquely shaped lamp has the power to reduce environmental impact and improve sustainability.
Now available from ESCS in various configurations.

Get future energy savings with virtually zero maintenance & absolute savings you can justify!
ESCS offers the most reliable smart LED technology info and products.
Did we mention we warranty the existing lighting ballast we didn't even sell to you for 5 years?

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Our complete offering of the P-Lux with descriptions is under construction.