JANTX1N3893R In_Stock_at _ESCS
JANTX1N3893R In_Stock_at _ESCS


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JANTX1N3893R Microsemi Diode Switching 400V 20A 2-Pin DO-4 JANTX1N3893R
Part Number: Microsemi 1N3893RJANTX
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Paperwork Available: Microsemi Factory Certs Included
Date Code 9341dc
Obsolete Y/N No
Customer Part Number JANTX1N3893R
The 1N3893JANTX rectifier devices are suitable for applications in
DC power supplies, inverters, converters, choppers, and ultrasonic systems as well as other
applications. They can also be used as a free-wheeling diode and are mil-qualified up to a
JANTXV level and are available in both standard and reverse indicated by an "R" polarities.
Also known as JANTX1N3893R

JANTX1N3893R Rectifier Package 2DO-4 Type Switching Diode Configuration Single Peak Reverse Repetitive Voltage 400 V 
Peak Average Forward Current 20 A Peak Reverse Recovery Time 200 ns Peak Reverse Current 10 uA Peak Forward Voltage [email protected]
Peak Non-Repetitive Surge Current 175 A Operating Temperature -65 to 175 C Mounting Stud