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Electronic Supply Chain Solutions distributes ProTek Devices that has introduced an LED Driver for Automotive, Security & Other LED Applications.
Posted by Administrator on 2/25/2013 to Protek Devices
 An ESCS ProTek Devices PRESS RELEASE  2/25/2013
               The PA5711 Boasts High Efficiency with
  Multiple Dimming Options to Drive 1 to 100's of LEDs
TEMPE, Ariz. - Feb. 25, 2013 - ProTek Devices  introduced its PA5711 high-efficiency LED driver with multiple dimming options that includes Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Linear Dimming (LD), Motion Detection (MD) and Light Sense (LS) control inputs. The PA5711 is ideal for general illumination displays, industrial and decorative LED lighting, automotive applications, and more.
Other ideal applications for the PA5711 include DC/DC or AC/DC LED driver applications; constant current sources; SMPS switching controllers; LED backlighting; and security, such as for street and parking garage lighting. This new LED driver features a direct gate driver control through an active high enable pin. It has an internal oscillator whose frequency can be set externally through a resistor. The PA5711 allows leading edge blanking with desired delay requirements. In addition, this device can be used to control the duty cycle of the driver.
For smaller duty cycles and reduced dissipation across the CS resistors, the LD pin allows design engineers to set thresholds beneath the preset 250mV. The PA5711 has a PWM dimming option that can control the LED brightness. This can be accomplished through an externally programmed control signal, with a duty ratio of 0-100 percent and a frequency of a few kilohertz. The PA5711 features an 11V to 480V input voltage range and more than 95 percent efficiency. It can drive one to hundreds of LEDs in serial and parallel combinations and has constant LED drive current. It is RoHS and REACH compliant.
Key mechanical characteristics for the PA5711 include a QFN-16 package with an approximate total weight of 0.043 grams. It also boasts lead-free pure-tin plating (annealed). The solder reflow temperature (pure-tin - Sn 100) is 260-270 degrees Celsius. The PA5711 also has a flammability rating of UL 94V-0.
Availability and Pricing
ESCS can provide 12mm tape and reel, per EIA standard 481, the PA5711 is now available in mass quantities with  minimum quantities of 2,500.
Please contact our authorized distributor ESCS directly for pricing at 727-723-8255 x 104 & visit www.electronicsupplychainsolutions.com 

ESCS provides the information you need to make decsions. View Datasheet  PA5711
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