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Aerospace Spares - Hardware

Welcome to Aerospace Spares - "A place for everything hardware".

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions Inc. also distributes  washers, spacers, shims and more. Hardware items such as MS90335 connectors, MS3498 mounting grommets & panel hardware                                   are all part of a category we call Aerospace Spares and distributed through our Factory Direct Relationships. YOU WILL NOT FIND SURPLUS OR EXCESS HERE! 

 ESCS states "If it Flies, Floats, or Rolls, ESCS Supports It".  ESCS to only distribute Factory Direct Components.

Many of our franchised lines meet Mil Specs. ESCS hardware items include: ANSI bolts, DFAR screws, washers, spacers, shims and more.

Call ESCS Aerospace Spares Hardware Hotline at 727-723-8255 x 105 for: MS90335 Connectors, Bearings, Bushings , MIL-Spec Grommets, Rivets, Bolts,  Military Electrical Hardware,                         Seals, Clamps, Socket Products, MS Connectors, MS Nuts, Springs, Fittings, Pins, Studs, Inserts, Retaining Rings, washers, spacers, shims and more.
  Aerospace Spares - Hardware         MIL-Specs sub categories include:
• Bearings and Bushings
• MIL-Spec Grommets
• Rivets
• Bolts
• Military Electrical Hardware
• Seals
• Clamps
• Military Standard O-Rings
• Socket Products
• Connectors
• MS Nuts
• Springs
• Fittings
• Pins
• Studs
• Inserts
• Retaining Rings
• Washers




 Products (Total Items: 9)
MS90335-5A (MIL-DTL-32385/3)
MS90335-5A (MIL-DTL-32385/3)
Price: QTY of 25+ $41.40
MS90335-3   Alpine Components  MIL-DTL-32385/2
MS90335-3 Alpine Components MIL-DTL-32385/2
Price: QTY of 25+ $22.45
MS90335-4 (MIL-DTL-32385/2)
MS90335-4 (MIL-DTL-32385/2)
Price: QTY of 25+ $32.76
MS90335-6 (MIL-DTL-32385/4)
MS90335-6 (MIL-DTL-32385/4)
Price: QTY of 25+ $45.12
MS90335-7 (MIL-DTL-32385/5)
MS90335-7 (MIL-DTL-32385/5)
Price: QTY of 25+ $21.84
MS90335-8 (MIL-DTL-32385/6)
MS90335-8 (MIL-DTL-32385/6)
Price: QTY of 25+ $22.31
MS90335-1   Alpine Components   MIL-DTL-32385/1
MS90335-1 Alpine Components MIL-DTL-32385/1
Price: QTY of 25+ $24.24
MS90335-5B  Alpine Components  MIL-DTL-32385/3
MS90335-5B Alpine Components MIL-DTL-32385/3
Price: QTY of 25+ $41.40
MS90335-2 Alpine Components  MIL-DTL-32385/1
MS90335-2 Alpine Components MIL-DTL-32385/1
Price: QTY of 25+ $25.32
Call on ESCS to provide: MIL-Spec Connectors, MS Grommets, Captive Screws, Bolts, Military Electrical Hardware, Seals, Clamps, Socket Products, Bearings and Bushings, MS Nuts, Springs, Fittings, Pins, Studs, Inserts, Retaining Rings & Washers