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About Us

Since 2005, ESCS has provided high-quality products from the manufacturers we support through our distribution channel including original equipment manufacturers, prime contractors and fellow distributors with products via our AS9120 certified quality management system. We help identify opportunities for growth by highlighting different market sectors and applications. 

We have over 30 years experience working with engineer drawings so we understand the complexities outlined and identified for your special requirements. We are more than just order takers! Quality distribution is essential in protecting your supply chain from market conditions. Many unpredictable changes can be potentially hazardous to your deliveries and hinder your production. Just one component can cause a line down and ruin your reputation for delivering a product on time with client demanded quality. That’s why we provide American made products including LED PlugnPlay Tubes, LED-Light Emitting Diodes, Micro Switches, Lightning Arrestors and Protection for parking garages, commercial warehouses, Aerospace and Military applications.

ESCS will go above and beyond for our customers to pipeline a scheduled shipment and ensure our clients are not short during a pull in and order a little extra just in case. Our team members partner personnel in various departments of our clients and approved vendor database to prevent potential problems, keep on-time performance and quality to mitigate the risk to our customers. One could say we are experts on the subject. 

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions distribution knowledge combined with our commitment to quality and customer service has made ESCS a trusted source for electronic component needs in the USA. If you haven’t had the pleasure, don’t you think you deserve it? We’ve had 8 AS9120 quality audits and 4 consecutive 100% scores. Our contribution to the industry is well documented. Visit www.CombatCounterfeits.info “to learn the tricks they play” 

Military & Aerospace customers can take a peek at www.AS9120.info or www.AS5553.info to become informed.

Submit an online request for quote (RFQ) and prepare to be amazed! 

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