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It's all about relationships. From the Factory to ESCS to You.

                                                                    ULTRA FRANCHISED LINES,    & FACTORY DIRECT COMPONENTS

THE FACTORY - Manufacturers design, build, test, inspect, and sometimes market their own products at their factories. 

Many choose to enter into a distribution agreement that includes a stocking package while others offer factory direct components in addition to their franchised or authorized contracts.  Remember the factories objective is to meet production goals not cater to your unique requirements and quality clauses. 

They are often rigid when it comes to breaking tradition, and may impose large factory minimums for a product that you may never need which will require storage and added expense.

YOUR COMPANY'S NEEDS -  We all want the best price and delivery,  but when it comes to meeting your revenue or production goals, ESCS does what it says.  

What most customers need is a product on the production floor that will meet both their quality and inspection demands along with a factory C of C.

FACTORY DIRECT COMPONENTS SOLUTION - ESCS is an authorized distributor that is small enough to react to any situation and large enough to provide electronic supply chain solutions.  Our 13 years in business provide you the assurance that we will deliver it your way and not the way the factory deems as the accepted practice. 

All ESCS products  will have the required factory paperwork to meet your demanded quality for inspection.

IT IS all about relationships - ESCS has relationships with both the factory and with you our customer.  
ESCS representatives will ensure that you get what you need, when you need it, with your demanded quality.
Ask ESCS to deliver Factory Direct Components to meet your objectives and mitigate risks in your supply chain.
Some call our FDC channel genius. At ESCS, we call it "electronic supply chain solutions."
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