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ESCO Energy Service Companies Partner with ESCS

ESCOs Partner with ESCS- to Get LED Bulbs.

ESCS Partners with ESCOs to Hang LED Bulbs.

It's a Win\Win For All, Especially Our Customers.

Take advantage of the opportunity ESCS offers the ESCOs who partner and install our Luxul Products

Our Energy Supply Chain Solutions links our customers with local energy service providers to implement their vision for energy savings, rebates, and technology upgrades.

ESCS distributes Luxul LED Plug and Play tubes and partners with local ESCO Service companies to save our customers money!

Not an ESCS partner yet?   Ask about our loyalty incentives. 

ESCO's ask us how you can receive a deeply discounted box of 20 lamps of Luxul D8N4F50G- D-Lux T8 4ft Frosted lens 5000k 17w, 1800 Lm with G13 base (bin pin) of Luxul Technology   LEDplugNplay tubes Today! (Limited Supplies)

Contact  Matt@ESCSINFO.com to find out how you can share in our success for Energy Supply Chain Solutions.

ESCO or ESCo in an energy service company or energy savings company that provides a broad range of energy solutions including designs and implementation of energy savings projects, retrofitting, energy conservation, energy infrastructure outsourcing, power generation and energy supply, and risk management.

Some ESCO's now focuses more on innovative financing methods. These include off-balance sheet vehicles which own a range of applicable equipment configured in such a way as to reduce the energy cost of a building. 

The building occupants, or landlord, then benefit from the energy savings and pay a fee to the ESCO SPV in return. At all times, the saving is guaranteed to exceed the fee.

What they do - The ESCO starts by performing an analysis of the property, designs an energy efficient solution, installs the required elements, and maintains the system to ensure energy savings during the payback period. The savings in energy costs are often used to pay back the capital investment of the project

over a five- to twenty-year period, or reinvested into the building to allow for capital upgrades that may otherwise be unfeasible. Some call it a Shared Savings Plan and others Savings Investment Plan. Whatever it's called, it allows for free technology upgrades now with guaranteed savings for the future.

The ESCS team is always sharing important information so be sure check out the ESCS site http://www.ledplugnplay.com/

Here is an excerpt from the LEDs Magazine Issue - July/August 2014   How do plug-and-play T8s stack up against ballast-bypass LED lamps?

 Luxul Technology CEO James Pan, said one of the key challenges in developing plug-and-play LED linear lamps is simultaneously achieving excellent lighting quality with an integrated, universally compatible driver. 

"To achieve compatibility with most of the existing electronic ballasts and magnetic ballasts, we needed to develop a driver that interprets the ballast protocol and communicates the appropriate signal to the lamp

." Luxul claims its lamps have proved compatible with more than 2000 commercially available ballasts. The Luxul Eazylux T8 lamps provide 18501950 lm using 17W of power (efficacy of 109115 lm/W) at a CRI of 85 beam angle of 300 decrees and color temperatures of 3000K - 6500K.

Luxul Technology responds to Ballast issues faced by those who manufacture LED Plug and Play Tubes

James Pan added that while magnetic and hybrid ballasts are often considered yesterday's technology and something that is being phased out, for very cold environments, magnetic ballasts can offer significantly longer life than electronic ballasts.

 "For instance, in harsh, cold conditions, electronic ballasts may require replacement after only a year, whereas magnetic ballasts or programmable ballasts, which have a magnetic core, can last as long as 10 years.

 Beyond that, depending on how the loading is configured, efficacies on the order of 90 lm/W can be reached with a magnetic or programmable ballast and LED lamp," said Pan.

To  determine the best Luxul LED Lamp for your current BALLAST COMPATABILITY 


Visit This Link on Luxul's website      http://www.luxultek.com/p10_1search.asp          

                         Below is a sample Compatible Search Result
Ballast MakerModel #          P/N #              Serial #     Power(W)           Ordering InfoRecommended      # of Lamps   Remarks
GE        GE-232-MV-L           D8N4                   DA      28.5 W                   Luxul  D-Lux T8 4FT                   2 lamps          2R0A
GEGE-232-MV-L            D8N4 D3      26.1 W                   LuxulD-Lux T8 4FT                   2 lamps2R03